When are the payments made?

Payments are made after 15 days of the current month for the result of previous month.

Can the payment be made in advance?

Yes, if it is agreed with a personal manager

What formats and traffic does the network buy?

We buy all traffic of All-roll formats (pre, middle and after watching video online commercial), banner

(728×90, 300×250, 240×400), branding, PopUnder all over the world.

What way are the payments made?

Payments are made by cash withdrawal to WMZ-wallet.

How to change the wallet for payments?

To replace the wallet you should contact the personal manager.

How much will I earn?

We work on the principle of RevShare, web-site gets 70% of the cost of advertising campaigns. There can be different costs of advertising programs, so the rate of your earnings in different days will vary depending on factors such as changes of advertisers’ budget, content specific as well as what ads users will click on.

Why has the repurchase price of my traffic fallen?

The falling of the repurchase price of the traffic can be caused by several reasons:

Seasonal decline

Falling of site audience activity

Falling of search traffic on the site

Completion of outstanding major advertising campaigns in the network

In any case, all of them are temporary as the system optimizes the campaigns automatically, working on profits increasing for the platforms.

May I combine your code with other ad networks codes?

Yes, you may work with other partners. Network rules do not conflict with the network installation of third-party code.

Is it possible to install third-party code via Vadideo?

Yes, via our system creative stub code can be installed.

Does the installation of the code influence the ranking of my site on the PC?

No, the installation of our code does not influence the search engine results.

I installed the code, but there are no campaigns

Campaigns are started gradually for platform profit optimization. After installation of the codes, promotional campaigns are started within 2 hours. Otherwise, contact your personal manager or write to support@vadideo.com



What is the minimum amount for placement?

The minimum amount for placement is $ 100.

What are the payment methods?

To pay for advertising campaigns it is possible to use WMZ and WMR-wallets.

How to start the cooperation?

To start cooperation it is necessary to submit an order on the site and within an hour a personal manager will contact you, he/she will find out your needs and offer the most appropriate format of placement and he/she will tell you how to make the payment.

Is it possible to modify the creatives?

Yes, we help to create creatives absolutely free when the client place an advertising campaigns of more then 500 dollars.

What may be placed in the network?

All advertisers may be placed with a variety of themes and creativities.

Why does the counter count not all the clicks on the site?

Counters’ indexes based on a standard JavaScript (li.ru, mail.ru, hotlog), cannot coincide with our conversion statistics! Since we use js redirect, different browsers send referrer differently: some of them are sent, some are wiped. Therefore, in some cases counters cannot determine the source of clicks. For more precise statistics you should use counters, which data is based on logs.

Apache or ip.

How to increase the number of campaign views?

The network uses an auction-pricing model. The higher rate for 1000 shows, the more views and conversions advertisement has.

Do you work with advertising agencies?

Yes, we do. Submit an order for cooperation and within an hour a personal manager will contact you who will answer all the questions.

What is the cost for placement?

Depending on the parameters of interest in your advertisement and geography broadcast, the cost of click (view) can vary. For more detailed discussion please contact Customer Support or personal manager.

What geography may I place an advertisement?

Vadideo network has traffic around the world, so we can include advertising campaigns in any GEO.

Is there remarketing in the network?

Yes, there is remarketing in the network. It is possible to start it if there are more than 20 thousand viewers on the site a day.